Our animals at Estate 807

Our dear Pebbles passed away late 2015. As a tribute to her our 2013 Peb's red is a tribute to her

We have two ranges of wines – the “Dog Range” and the “Reserve Range”.

We have four generations of Cocker Spaniels – Pebbles, Xena, Hugo and Pixie. We have named the wines in our dog range after our dogs

We do our best to have a biodynamic approach to viticulture. We have a chook pen in the centre of the vineyard, and our many chooks and ducks roam free-range through the vineyard, eating any pests that may have been misfortunate in being in our vineyard.

We also have Alpacas and Wiltshire sheep that roam the vineyard during the winter months – keeping grass and weeds under control and providing the vines with a valued source of manure. The Alpacas are very tame and love human company.

⟩The Blue Wren